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Instafiles file sharing

  1. Instafiles file sharing allows you to share your Content with others.

  2. The basic functionality of Instafiles file sharing is (currently) free from registration and charge.

  3. To share your Content you need to upload it and provide us with your e-mail address. You can provide us with (a limited e-mail addresses of the recipient(s) (“e-mail transfer”) or choose to distribute a download link yourself (“file transfer”). If you use file transfer you will not be informed of any downloads.

  4. Instafiles file sharing provides the possibility to share Content up to a maximum total capacity. Uploaded Content is stored and available to download on Instafiles's servers for a limited period of time and will expire automatically after. You will be notified of the expiration date when you upload your Content and in the confirmation e-mail sent to you. You can find all limitations on our website.

  5. After the expiry period selected, Instafiles will permanently delete the uploaded files. These files will not be available nor retrievable anymore.

  6. Instafiles does not control the use of download links, regardless of if they are originally distributed by us or by you. Recipients can forward the links and allow others to use them. You are responsible for the Content you share and for any such use.

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